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Vitaly Akimov. The project Rooted to the spot by Vitaly Pushnitsky for Street Art Museum. St Petersburg, Russia. Mural painting “Una Selva Oscura”. 2019. Wall, facade paint. 15х110 m

Vitaly Pushnitsky

At the moment I am not searching for new materials; that is in the past. I am searching for ways to express a form for reflection. On the one hand, I combined the idea of vegetation and the idea of thinking: branches and roots, which I used in some of my previous works, became for me a prototype for reflection as it is. Reflection not about something specific, but thinking in general. I understand that all my life is movement by touch: not just thinking and understanding, but namely touching, when I feel, then I understand and move further forward. I need some extra evidence besides the verbal one. That is why I am working precisely on representation of feelings about the world: for example, movement of plants’ roots under ground, which you can’t see, but they do somewhat move. That is why I have chosen these works – they are most relevant for me now.

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About the Artist

Vitaly Pushnitsky is one of the artists who determines new developments in painting according to Phaidon, the Vitamin P2 Publishing. He is also one of the top 100 most important Russian artists.

Hi was born in 1967 in Leningrad. 1994 — graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in St Petersburg, graphics faculty; is a member of the Union of Artists of St Petersburg since 1994. Lives and works in St Petersburg, Russia. Creates works of paintings, graphics, sculpture and installations. Works are represented in state and private collections.

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